Wrinkle creams that work – do they exist ? This is the billion dollar question – quite literally!

I have spent so much money over the years in the belief that the manufacturers of these creams and serums actually make products which deliver what they say they will. And if you’ve landed here on Wrinkle Freak! then it’s likely that you have too.

Society has always been the driver for people to look more beautiful – on TV, in films and magazines and now more than ever on all aspects of social media. Both men and women are targeted but the focus being more on women of course. People are more visible on social media, more accessible, comments are freely posted, Likes are given (or not) – the pressure is immense.

Wait! …. age is just a number these days isn’t it? People are ageing at a different rate to days gone by aren’t they?

I remember when my Nan was 70, she seemed so old and looked exactly as you would expect a little old Granny to look. What a different story when my Mum turned 70, wow what a difference! Full of energy, still rushing around everywhere, literally seemed ten years younger and had incredible skin I might add! My Mum has sworn by Nivea face cream the whole of her life and her Mum did too – there must be something in it, my Nan had incredible skin and so does my Mum!

A $53bn Market!

The global anti-ageing market is worth billions – 53 billion US dollars in 2019 to be precise and it seems to be growing by around an extra $3bn more each and every year.

The global spend on skincare was $134.5bn (2018) and is expected to rise to around $180bn by 2024. Those are whopping amounts of money!

There are so many of us looking for magic creams and miracle serums to fight against the signs of ageing, and the number is growing each and every year! How much of that hard-earned money is wasted on products which promise us everything in our fight against time but actually have no effect whatsoever?

Are there really any wrinkle creams that work?


Youthful Perfection & Dazzling Skin..

Wrinkle Creams That Work

When you’re young you believe you have plenty of time, why worry about skincare, your skin is young and firm and looks fabulous? A bit of cleanser and moisturiser and you’re good to go!

So at what age should you be contemplating the effects of ageing on your skin? As soon as possible!

There are so many factors which damage our skin throughout our lives, it’s never too early to start protecting against it.

It was recently reported that more and more young people (20-30) now make up the growing number of us buying anti-ageing solutions – which is a great BIG step in the right direction!

It’s a well-known fact that the eyes are always the first to show the signs of ageing and it can start as young as twenty-something! So in terms of taking care of your skin – the earlier, the better! That beautiful, youthful look doesn’t last too long and is worth spending some time preserving.



Targeting Your Problem Area

This is an important consideration…..

If you look at the products in today’s market there are specific creams for each area. This isn’t a sales ploy to take more money from you (even though it does), this is because each area needs to be treated with different ingredients.

I’ve tried general use creams and used them all over my face and neck and yes they moisturise to a certain extent, but they don’t do the job I need them to do.

You need a separate product designed to specifically target ageing in each area to ensure you get the best results.

The skin around the eyes for example, is much thinner than on the rest of your face and has no oil glands. It is therefore more sensitive, delicate and dry. Creams can react differently around the eyes to the rest of the face and you have to be aware of this. A normal face cream is usually too harsh for the eye area.

I’ve used a normal face cream on the whole of my face before, and after a few times I had a couple of Milia develop just under my eyes – this could have been co-incidence but it’s happened more than once in the past and it definitely seems to be the way my skin reacts to harsher creams on my under eye area. I’m not saying the same would happen to you as we all react differently and individually, but its worth bearing in mind that it can have an effect.



Let’s Tackle Two Key Areas..

Crepey Neck Syndrome – I have had successes!

I’m not sure about how you feel but as soon as I began seeing fine line wrinkles on my neck it freaked me out. I guess it’s because there’s a saying; you can always tell how old a person is by looking at their neck. And it’s true! Your eyes are a lot easier to sort out than crepey neck syndrome! Luckily for me, I don’t think my neck started showing any obvious signs until a couple of years ago, unless I was blinded by denial(?).

I have tried so many creams full of empty promises and spent so much money!

I tried the silicone pads that you leave on overnight. In fairness to the pads actually, they work brilliantly on your chest – any wrinkles I had on my chest had completely disappeared by morning but to keep it wrinkle-free you have to wear it every night. That would be OK if the pads lasted longer or were cheaper – it would cost a fortune to wear one every single night for the rest of your life, or until you just stop caring anymore?

However, they are a remarkable short-term solution, like for a special occasion or a holiday. For those situations, I think you would struggle to find a better product. I tried various brands and the SilcoSkin brand is the one which gave the most impressive and longer lasting results, and the pad itself was just a much better shape and size. These are my go-to for a quick fix.

But going back to my neck, the silicone pads did nothing. In fact, they made me feel very uncomfortable, it felt like a pressure pushing down on my throat and I don’t fancy trying that again.

Click here for more information.


Anyway, as I said, I have some successes to share….

The first cream I found to have any noticeable effect on my crepey neck was a product called PRAI Ageless Throat & Decolletage Cream.

This comes in a 50ml pot and a small 10ml travel pot is also available. It smells fairly pleasant, absorbs into the skin well and I used it on my neck and chest first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Once it absorbs you can put your usual moisturiser over the top if you want to. But be careful not to use too much of this product, just a small amount is all that’s required otherwise it can kind of crumble and fall off!

I did have some very good results with this product, especially on my chest and I bought it several times over and over and still keep a pot amongst my stock and take the small pot when I travel.  Click here for more information.

You may be asking yourself, if I found a product which worked why am I still looking? My search was to deal with the wrinkles on my neck, PRAI worked really well on my chest but it still could have worked better on my neck so my search continued.


It took a while until I was recommended a serum, a supposedly magic serum, to use on my neck. Forever the skeptic these days I wasn’t convinced but as always I parted with my money to give it a try.

This serum looks and feels oily but the skin absorbs it quickly and then your normal moisturiser can be applied over the top. It has a lovely, fresh scent too. I applied it every morning and every evening at bedtime and within a matter of days the crepey neck lines had started to improve. This is when I fell in love with the Tropic range of products!

I still use it on my neck every day and I use it on other areas too where I have seen good results. This beauty I am keeping hold of!

The serum is called Tropic Elixir Age-Defying Omega Oil and it comes in a 75ml and a small travel 30ml and I make sure I have both!



I couldn’t resist trying a cream which was launched last year – it had a huge waiting list and was getting more and more rave reviews by the day. The manufacturers claim it makes a difference within a week on your neck wrinkles and jowls. Jowls drive me nuts as these really do give away your age.

I’ve tried several treatments, non-surgical of course, but yet to find an instant, long-lasting solution. To be honest, other than a face-lift I’m not convinced there is a treatment to combat this problem.

Back to the cream I am loving at the moment…. it’s called No.7 Firming Booster Serum and the reviews say that you see results from 1-2 weeks – and I kind of agree with them!

After two weeks of use on my neck, under my chin and on my jowls I noticed that my skin was softer and firmer, more plump, using once in the morning and once before bed at night. But you must rub it in until fully absorbed for better results. It’s reasonably priced too which is not always the case but a pleasant surprise if it’s a product which gives you results. I love this product!

It’s strange, their Protect & Perfect range didn’t do anything for me but this little beauty does actually seem to work. It was released in 2019 and has the experts’ approval and numerous testers shouting from the rooftops about it. Definitely give this one a try!



Some Wrinkle Creams Really Do Work!

So, I am not so much a skeptic anymore, I am cautious but a believer – some wrinkle creams really do work! I think they are few and far between, and there are a lot of companies out there that profess their product is the miracle of all creams and they simply don’t work.

I will do a series of Top 5’s on the different problem areas soon, so please pop in and have a read. If you have any comments or recommendations I would love to hear them.

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