What is LED Light


LED Light – The History

LED Light Therapy has been around for many years but it was the Space Program and NASA that brought it to the forefront of the modern day medical world.

NASA tried LED Light Therapy in a project to increase the growth of plant tissue in space and it worked!  The lack of gravity,  oxygen and sunlight was preventing the plant cells from growing naturally and they needed to find a way to combat the problem.

However, it turned out it wasn’t just the plant tissue which was affected by the reduced elements in Space.  Astronauts were suffering severe health problems, experiencing loss of bone mass, weakened muscles and if they cut or bruised themselves in any way their wounds would not heal because their cells could not multiply up there.

It was pure coincidence during the plant tissue project that the discovery was made – LED Light therapy assisted in the cell regeneration of astronauts too which enabled their bodies to heal again.

The incredible discovery was shared with the health industry who utilised its benefits in all sorts of treatments such as the healing of painful mouth ulcers which occur after cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy.  The treatment was quick and painless, it promoted wound healing and prevented further sores in the patient’s mouth.

It wasn’t long before the treatment was adapted and used in the beauty industry and we now have an array of treatments available using various light colours to achieve a broad range of targeted results.


LED Light – Present Day

You have probably heard of LED Light facial treatments of some sort, and until fairly recently, these treatments were only available in a salon/clinic environment with fully trained professionals carrying out the treatment for you.

But times are changing!  They are now fast becoming the most sought after home treatment of the beauty industry.  Many top brands are recognising this and offering theirWhat is LED Light? at-home devices for people like you and I to use in the comfort of our own homes.

In fact, these devices are so popular that celebrities have been posting photos of themselves wearing the various different designs all over social media – many of the masks look like an upmarket version of Jason’s Halloween mask!

For celebrities such as Chrissy Tiegen, Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham these LED treatment masks have become the popular choice since Coronavirus and lock down restrictions have become part of our daily lives.

These masks can look somewhat strange or even scary but hey, if you wear it inside your own four walls and it does what it’s supposed to, then I for one don’t care what it looks like!

If you have ever thought of having LED Light Therapy in a salon and realised it would cost a lot of your hard-earned money and take up a lot of your valuable time then an at-home LED Mask could be exactly what you’re looking for!


What is LED Light Therapy?

LED stands for light-emitting diode.  It’s a treatment which is suitable for all skin types whether you have really fair skin or dark skin the result is the same.

LED Light Therapy is mainly used for the following facial skin treatments:

– Acne

– Anti-ageing

– Improve uneven skin tone

– Regulating natural oil production

– Reduces inflammation and pigmentation

The treatment targets a number of skin concerns but, as is normally the case, optimum results do not occur with a single treatment.  Regular visits to the clinic are required to achieve the results you would expect.

The at-home devices are not as powerful as the professional models but they claim to have similar results. This is great news as you can achieve the results you desire without the hassle of booking repeat appointments, traveling to the clinic and paying top end salon prices for each treatment session.

Professional treatments normally take between 10-20 minutes per session in the salon, whereas the recommended treatment time at home is up to 30 minutes each time – this makes sense to make up for the reduced strength of the at-home devices. And to be honest, 10 minutes more isn’t going to be too much of a struggle for anybody really is it?

The downside is that the at-home LED Masks can cost anything between £50 up to £2000, which makes them a real investment purchase. To be fair, there really isn’t any need to pay the top whack for one of these devices. In the main, most people in social media seem to be going for the ones which cost a few hundred pounds – it doesn’t need to be a high ticket price to be effective!


Does it Work? Can it Reduce Wrinkles?



How Does it Work?

As an overview, LED Light Therapy uses various colours of light including blue, red, amber, yellow, and green. Each colour treats a different skin complaint by stimulating specific skin responses.

The masks have small bulbs which each use different wavelengths of visible light that penetrate the skin at varying depths. They penetrate down to cellular levels in the skin which improves and rejuvenates it from the inside out. There are different colour bulbs used and each colour offers it’s own benefits.

The most popular and regularly used are the Red and Blue lights:

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Benefits of the Bulb Colours


Blue Light

This light is the most common light to treat acne. It’s able to do this by reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands which means they produce less oil which plugs the hair follicle and leads to acne.

It allows photo chemical oxidation of the skin which kills bacteria. Because of its anti-inflammatory effect it produces excellent results for people suffering with Acne, Eczema or Rosacea.

Ideal for:  Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, oily skin, enlarged pores.


Red Light

Encourages cell renewal and stimulates the fibroblasts which produce collagen and gives younger skin its plumper look. This is the light which is used to improve signs of ageing as the result of increased collagen production leads to reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

It also reduces inflammation and promotes enhanced blood circulation.

Ideal for: Anti-ageing, glowing and plumper skin – more youthful appearance.


Purple Light

Combined benefits of the Red & Blue lamps.

It helps to eliminate toxins from the skin, reduces inflammation and improves healing and the circulation of the blood.

Ideal for:  Combination of Blue & Red.


Green Light

Green light offers a calming effect when it’s absorbed into the skin. It reduces hyper-pigmentation and thereby results in a brighter complexion.

The calming effects on the skin also have anti-inflammatory benefits which soothe the surface.

Ideal for: Levelling out skin tone, brightening complexion, relaxing/calming effect – good for lifting mood.


Yellow Light

Yellow light also aids in reducing fine lines. It reduces redness and inflammation as well as boosting blood circulation. It stimulates the rejuvenation process within the cells and therefore improves the density of your skin.

It is used for increasing wound healing, hydration of the skin, collagen induction and improves the overall health and glow of the skin. It’s a great pick me up for your skin when it’s looking dry and dull.

Ideal for: Anti-ageing, brightens complexion, wound healing and scarring.


Are There Any Other Benefits to LED Light Therapy?

Mental Health Benefits:

In the Winter months we all know that mood and energy levels drop significantly and many of us can get depressed – this is usually a result of light deprivation. Light is absolutely critical to our well-being.

What is LED light? Does it reduce wrinkles?

There is evidence which shows that LED therapy could assist in reducing the low moods and lack of energy which we feel. Feedback has been collected from clients in a clinic/salon environment and after a short period of time under the lamps it seems that it can dramatically improve mood and reduce stress levels.

There is a molecule known as ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate which is an energy-carrying module found in our cells, in fact it’s in all living things. It is the principle molecule for storing and transferring energy in our cells around our body. LED Light therapy boosts our ATP and fuels other cells with energy. Some LED therapy companies refer to it as the “happy light” because of its ability to boost serotonin levels.

So the benefits of Light Therapy seem to go further than we thought and well below the surface of the skin!


How Do I Use it at Home?

Firstly, always follow the instructions that come with the particular mask that you’ve purchased.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser (unless you’re using it first thing in the morning before you’ve applied you skincare products).

Make sure you have cleared your diary and have allowed 20-30 minutes of total relaxation time. What is LED Light? Does it reduce wrinkles?

Don’t forget to take a photo before your very first treatment so that you have something to compare it to in 4-6 weeks time and can monitor your results/progress.

Sit or lay back and put the mask on – ensure that you have goggles on if the mask doesn’t have built-in eye protection (IMPORTANT!).

Switch the device on and start your journey to glorious, healthy-looking skin.


Are LED Light Therapy Masks Safe?

The industry experts say, absolutely! The treatment is non-invasive and not painful at all.

The bulbs used do not include ultra violet rays and so the treatment is completely
safe on the skin, there is no risk of damage at all.

Most experts agree that they are safe as long as you:                                                            What is LED Light? Does it reduce wrinkles?

What is LED Light?

  • Choose a mask which is MHRA-approved (UK) or FDA-approved (US)
    • NEVER buy an LED Face Mask which hasn’t been approved by the MRHA or FDA
  • Pick the right mask for your needs
  • Protect your eyes with blackout or opaque goggles (medical grade eye protection)
    • Without proper eye protection prolonged exposure to blue or red light can damage the eyes
  • Follow the instructions
  • Use them for the recommended amount of time only
    • Do it safely!

One thing to remember is that LED lights used in the at-home devices are not as strong as they are in a salon or clinic for obvious reasons. They can’t let us loose on the professional gear, there’s a reason the professionals have so much training!  However, the at-home devices go through vast amounts of testing to ensure they are safe enough for Joe Public to use without a professional by our side – so no need to worry.


To Achieve the Best Results…

  • Do it safely!
  • Get the right mask for your requirements or purchase one with multiple light options and pamper yourself completely.
  • Be patient.
  • Make sure your treatments are consistent – you need regular treatments to see an effect, one or two will not make an immediate difference!
  • Take a photo on the 1st day and then after 4-6 weeks of consistent treatments take another photo and check out the differences.
  • Be sure to let us see the Before & After shots – we would love you to share your results with us!



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