There are so many products out there on the market all claiming to reduce wrinkles and reverse the signs of ageing – some even claim to be miracle solutions BUT never believe it if it sounds too good to be true!

One true fact though is that millions of us around the World part with our hard-earned money on a daily basis in the desperate hope that we will find one that just works a tiny little bit, offering a minuscule of improvement. Most of us never stop to ask how we can naturally reduce facial wrinkles – we are too dependent on the shop shelves and other people working out the answer for us.

I may sound like a cynic at this point which is a bit weird considering I write reviews and posts about shop-bought anti-ageing treatments. However, I am not a cynic. Some treatments, I’m glad to say, do actually work but I am also a true believer that products that work on some may not work on others. There is no one-fits-all solution out there as we all respond to different approaches and products with varied results.

I also like to look for more natural solutions now and then – ones that don’t involve factories. And sometimes, it’s just good to look after yourself in a more natural way, to clear out the toxins and approach things from a different angle.

So, I have put together this list to help you prevent wrinkles or combat existing wrinkles in a more natural way – these have all been proven to work, have a try of some of them and see what you think.

1. Sleep

I’m sure you’ve heard this before – sleep is the time when your body recovers from your day – while you are feeling relaxed and resting your body is restoring and repairing all sorts of different bodily functions.

The brain sends out hormones while you sleep to encourage tissue growth to repair your blood vessels, it deals with the areas that need healing. This assists in healing wounds faster and dealing with painful or injured muscles.

Your body also makes more white blood cells that can attack any viruses or bacteria in your body. Your immune system needs you to sleep to fight off any threats to your body. When you don’t get the sleep you need your immune system cannot protect your body from infection properly.

Also, when you sleep your blood pressure drops as less demand is put on your heart and it gets chance to take a bit of a break. Your breathing slows and other muscles in your body relax.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and this also benefits from a good night’s sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep (less than 7 hours a night) the body produces a hormone called Cortisol which breaks down skin cells. If you get the sleep your body needs you’ll produce more human growth hormones (HGH) which helps skin remain thick, more elastic and less likely to wrinkle.

So you see, it’s a win, win situation – sleep is more important than you think. Ideally you need to get a minimum of 8 hours a night to enable your body to replenish and keep all functions running at their optimum level and prevent premature wrinkles of the skin.


2. Sleep Position

It’s not only the amount of sleep that you get which affects your wrinkles – you need to think about your sleep position too. The wrong sleeping position can lead to “sleep lines”.

If you sleep in certain positions this can cause compression, which over time leads to weaker skin in those compressed places and causes a wrinkle to form. Sleeping on your side increases wrinkles on your cheeks and chin and sleeping face-down can cause a furrowed brow – the recommended sleeping position to avoid wrinkles is to sleep on your back – and ideally keep your head slightly tilted on the pillow to avoid dark circles under the eyes from forming.

3. Remove Make-up

This might seem an obvious thing but you’d be surprised how many of us ladies tend to go to bed at night and think, oh I’ll take it off in the morning – BIG MISTAKE! You have no idea of the enormity of this mistake, especially over numerous occasions when you do this. Fair enough, the odd time is bound to happen but please try to avoid it when absolutely possible.

Whatever you leave on your skin overnight the skin absorbs and make-up is no exception. Your skin absorbs the make-up including all of the chemicals contained within it. I’m sure you can imagine, this is not the best route to healthy, happy skin.

Ensure that you cleanse before going to sleep each evening and splash on a little cold water to close pores afterwards. And finally, MOISTURISE!

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a natural emollient when you apply it as a topical treatment for your skin. It helps your skin to retain moisture and smoothens out the gaps and gives your face a fuller appearance.

Studies have shown that it’s also a very effective treatment for dry skin because of its hydrating properties.

The best way to benefit from this ingredient is to apply conservatively over your skin every night before bedtime. Massage for a few minutes and leave on while you sleep. This will give your skin extra nourishment and you will wake up with a smooth, supple, glowing complexion.

5. Increase Anti-Oxidants

Anti-Oxidants help fight the damage caused to your cells by Oxidative Stress (this is when free radicals accumulate inside your body). The results of this can damage important structures within your cells. Chronic Oxidative Stress can lead to higher risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Cancer. So, I think you’ll agree that anti-oxidants are an important compound for our bodies. They are produced within our body and also found in various foods.

Sunscreens and wrinkle creams are enriched with anti-oxidants and when applied topically they can assist in fighting the signs of premature ageing caused by damage to the skin.

However, there are other ways in which you can get the benefits of anti-oxidants for your skin and the best way is from the inside out.

Eating a diet which incorporates anti-oxidants can help to not only fight Oxidative Stress but also to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. There are numerous foods which are rich in anti-oxidants such as:

  • blueberries
  • kidney beans
  • grapes
  • kale
  • spinach
  • pumpkin
  • leaks
  • onions
  • artichokes

and there are many more.

By including some of these foods regularly you are helping your digestive system, improving your skin and helping your overall health and well-being.

6. Aloe Vera

Aah, Aloe Vera – I’m a huge fan! This is like a magical ingredient to heal pretty much everything as far as I’m concerned!

It has numerous healing properties when ingested or used as a topical treatment. It’s rich in malic Acid which is hydrating, anti-ageing and improves smoother skin tone making it an ideal ingredient to include in your daily routine.

Studies have shown that taking a daily dose of Aloe Gel Supplement significantly reduces wrinkles in 90 days and also aids a healthy digestive system. It can be taken in tablet form or drunk as a daily shot (it tastes extremely unpleasant but to be honest you soon adjust and get used to it). The benefits far outweigh the split-second of disgust as you drink it!

Applying Aloe Vera to your skin as a topical treatment also significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating and feeding the skin.

It’s so gentle that it can be used to calm sun-burnt skin – beauty therapists use it to calm eyebrows after plucking or waxing various areas. I use it to heal spots when I get the odd one here and there and it does its job extremely quickly – I also apply it to blisters to heal them quickly. In fact if I have anything at all wrong with my skin, I try my Aloe Vera Gel first to see if it works. It’s fab stuff!

If you are lucky enough to have an Aloe plant, simply break a leaf and take the gel, apply it to your skin directly and leave for 15 minutes or until it’s dry. Then wash off with warm water and pat dry. Alternatively, buy a pure Aloe Gel and apply in the same way.

7. Super Foods

We’ve all heard this term but many of us don’t know which foods this term relates to or what they actually do.

Super Foods are foods which have been identified and proven to give us added specific benefits above the normal dietary benefits.

There have been several foods which have been highlighted to prevent wrinkles and boost our overall health. Some examples of these are:

  • artichoke
  • avocado
  • chia seeds
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • tomato
  • miso
  • oatmeal
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • sweet potato
  • walnuts

Incorporating these foods into your diet where possible will assist in fighting the signs of ageing from the inside out alongside drinking your water!!

8. Egg Whites

Egg whites are full of protein for tissue repair and growth, potassium to help preserve moisture in your skin cells, riboflavin which eliminates toxins known to cause your wrinkles and also magnesium which assists in slowing down the ageing process and enhances the radiance of your skin. WOW! Why does everybody not know this?

It has been said however, that the actual membrane which separates the egg white from the shell is even more beneficial. A study using a face cream made with egg membrane led to a significant reduction in the depth of wrinkles and an increase in production of collagen.


Try this topical application to fully benefit from the eggs in your basket:

** People with an allergy to eggs should obviously avoid using any creams or any treatments which contain eggs.

9. Olive Oil

Olive oil contains compounds that can increase the skin’s collagen levels and so consuming Olive Oil in your diet protects the skin from developing more wrinkles.

In 2001 a study was carried out and it proved that people who consume more Olive Oil in their diet were less prone to wrinkles. They found that eating vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes and legumes (such as lentils and beans) have a similar effect against wrinkles.

It has been suggested that Olive Oil is also hugely beneficial when used directly on your skin and your hair.

Try massaging a few drops of Olive Oil on your skin before bedtime, blot with a towel afterwards and go to sleep. When you wake up your skin will feel more soft and supple.

Alternatively, if you already have a good bedtime ritual, try massaging a tablespoon of Olive Oil into your skin twice a day to see the same benefits.


10. Green Tea

We all know that Green Tea is a fantastic anti-oxidant but it also contains anti-wrinkle properties – who knew?!

Green Tea contains Polyphenols (a key ingredient used in cosmetics) as well as Flavonoids which have an anti-ageing effect. It is actually a great way to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

The good news is you can reap these benefits by not only drinking Green Tea but you can also incorporate it into your facials or everyday skincare routine. Many people say they don’t like the taste of Green Tea – I absolutely love it both hot and ice-cold with a couple of ice cubes in it – but for those of you that don’t, you can still benefit.

Try these two methods below:


11. Water

Water helps you from the inside out. It is the easiest and best beauty treatment you can do for your skin and your whole body.

As I said earlier, your skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s mostly made up of water. Therefore if your skin is deprived of water it will become more prone to the signs of ageing and will become dry and tight and will start to flake.

Your body loses large amounts of water every day and if you increase your intake of water you will quickly see the difference that hydration can make on your skin and I guarantee you will love it!

The average person needs a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day or 2 litres as a guide.

If you can do this for your skin it will thank you by slowing the signs of ageing – keeping the skin plumper and looking healthier with fewer wrinkles. Water helps maintain moisture which increases the elasticity which then leads to fewer visible wrinkles.

Not only do you see and feel the benefits in terms of aging but it also combats skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema – these conditions can improve by keeping yourself hydrated inside. It helps your digestive system to flush out the toxins from the body and improves your complexion.

Another important point to note is that it can help with tightening the skin!  Yes you read that right!

If you have sagging skin due to weight-loss or ageing, drinking enough water daily can tighten the skin around your jawline, stomach, arms and legs. It naturally improves elasticity in the skin making it bounce back from sagging.

Hands up who’s reaching for a glass of water right now?

So just to recap, as this is an important one:

  • the easiest and best beauty treatment you can give your skin
  • it’s FREE
  • helps to combat skin issues – keeping the toxins flushed out of your system
  • gives you plumper, healthier looking skin with fewer wrinkles
  • slows the signs of ageing
  • tightens skin by improving elasticity and making it bounce back from sagging

Click here for an interesting post on the benefits of water.

So that’s my list of natural ways to help reduce wrinkles and slow down the affects of ageing on your skin.

I would love to know what you think of these and get some feedback from those of you who try these measures. Please drop your comments below and share your thoughts.

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