Face Exercises to Reduce Wrinkles - Face Yoga Anybody
Compared to all the previous reviews we’ve done here at WrinkleFreak, this is the one which has WOW’ed me the most and that I’m most excited to tell you about!

It’s very easy when you think about reducing wrinkles to automatically think of cosmetic surgery or expensive non-surgical procedures as this is all we’ve been shown in the past.  The advertising, the celebrities who do it, the great results posted everywhere but they all come with a very expensive price tag and more importantly possible risks of things going wrong.

Have you ever thought about facial exercises to reduce wrinkles?

Think about it, is it not logical that if you train and strengthen the facial muscles they are going to tone and lift the face?  Just like when you train your body – why would the results be any different?

Check out the results of a scientific study on the success of Face Yoga here.

The Face Yoga Method is leading the way in this all natural strategy to reverse aging on your face and neck area and it’s growing rapidly in popularity across all social media and online avenues because the general consensus is that it works and it’s the best thing since sliced bread!


Let’s Delve Deeper – How Did it Come About?

Fumiko Takatsu is the lady behind The Face Yoga Method and she has dedicated her life to creating the No.1 Face Yoga program to take years off your face – guaranteed!  With over 15 years of experience and personal practice she has created this amazing, revolutionary anti-aging solution which is nothing but purely natural and can be incorporated into your life for you to reap the benefits for many years to come.

Fumiko is a warm, bubbly and totally engaging coach and her calming, relaxing energy is contagious.  She looks so happy with life and you can see her passion for what she’s doing just shine through.  She leaves no doubt in your mind that you are doing something great for yourself and it leaves you wanting more.


WOW what a success story.  Whilst recovering from her injuries Fumiko realised that if she was doing physical training to strengthen her body, why would it not work for her face too?  Her results were nothing short of incredible!  As you can see from her picture and from the many Face Yoga Method videos, Fumiko looks incredible and she’s in her fifties!

Fumiko’s interests in yoga, meditation and a natural lifestyle have helped her create a program which is natural and works for everybody.  She has helped hundreds of thousands of people globally reduce their wrinkles and improve the health of their skin.


What Do You Have To Do?

The Face Yoga Method works through training and sculpting the muscles of the face through targeted poses and stretches.  Just as you would work out your body to get physically fit and tone up the muscles, Face Yoga works in exactly the same way.  The only difference is it’s more fun, it makes you giggle (especially at first) because of the funny faces that you have to pull.  It’s also extremely relaxing and gives you a great feeling of well-being after each session.  Something that I didn’t expect or imagine.

Fumiko explains the science behind it and once she explains it you have a light bulb moment.  It completely makes sense that it’s like doing body exercises but for your face!  Why wouldn’t you?  If you want to tone up your body and tighten your skin you go to the gym or do some form of exercise – it’s the same thing.  If you want to tone up your face and tighten your skin you do The Face Yoga Method.

Different Options to Suit Different Needs

As with the body, if you have specific areas you would like to improve you target them.  The Face Yoga Method covers all approaches and needs.  There are videos which are totally specific to poses and stretches for individual areas such as:

  • Eye Jumpstart
  • Forehead Area Jumpstart
  • Neck & Jawline Jumpstart
  • Mouth & Cheek Jumpstart

Click the image below to try a Jumpstart now!Face Exercises to Reduce Wrinkles - Face Yoga Anybody


There is also an e-book available – The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method.

The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method e-book reveals the secrets of Fumiko Takatsu.  Backed by 15 years of research, this book contains diet, facial exercise, skin care and stress reduction techniques that help you achieve that tighter and brighter skin that you are searching for.


Click the image below to download The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method

Face exercises to reduce wrinkles - face yoga anybody

Aside from beauty secrets, Fumiko Takatsu also offers tips on how to live a healthier life and feel comfortable in your own skin.  After all, physical beauty becomes more attractive when paired with a confidence that comes from within.  And I have to say, Fumiko masters this perfectly and you feel relaxed, happy in your own skin and empowered.

Perfect For:  Complementing your skin care routine with diet, exercise and stress reduction strategies.

This e-book is sold online for $25 and you can CLICK HERE to get your copy now.


The 6 Week Face Toning Bootcamp – it’s a must!

Face exercises to reduce wrinkles - face yoga anybody



The ultimate choice is opting for The Face Yoga Method 6 Week Bootcamp.  And this is the one that I opted for as well as the Neck & Jawline Jumpstart and I am loving it!  Way more than I expected to and I am now a fully fledged Face Yogi (this is what you are when you decide to take control of your wrinkles and become a member).

Let me start off with the incredible satisfaction guarantee, in case there is any doubt in your mind that The Face Yoga Method works…..


The Face Yoga Method Satisfaction Guarantee

What is The Face Yoga Method 6 Week Bootcamp?

It is a structured online 6 week course broken down by week – each week targeting a specific problem area on your face & neck.  Each day there are 5 poses and stretches which you do under the guidance of Fumiko during a 15 minute video session.  15 minutes goes really fast – when did you last diarise 15 minutes everyday just for you?

Fumiko’s belief, passion and commitment make this a totally positive and enjoyable experience and I look forward to my daily sessions everyday.  It’s not often I commit to taking time out of my day to purely focus on me and I have to say, it has been having an extremely positive effect and I find that I’m smiling quite a bit more!Face exercises to reduce wrinkles - face yoga anyone

At the beginning of each week there is an area on your dashboard where you upload a front and profile photo and also a photo of the specific area targeted for that week.  At the end of each week you take the same photos again and upload them.  This not only enables you to follow your improvement along the way but also the wonderful people at The Face Yoga Method want to follow your progress too.

You will find that from the moment you become a customer/Yogi you will always feel appreciated and supported like in no other business you have ever dealt with.  I’m sounding like a huge fan aren’t I?  That’s because I am.  I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time!

The best thing is, it’s a fraction of the cost of any cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure and it makes you feel great from the inside out!



Based on 15 years of experience teaching hundreds of thousands of students the 6 Week Face Toning Bootcamp is a fail-proof blueprint with clear step by step instructions.






This is a great tool as you are working through your sessions.  It allows for you to watch yourself and correct your poses to ensure you are doing them correctly whilst watching Fumiko perform the exercise in each video.





The day-by-day downloadable calendar will help keep you motivated and organised day in and day out during the 6 week program.

You tick the box once each day is completed and you can also see what’s in store for the following day.

I’ve found this to be a really helpful tool.





In just six weeks you will see the difference – don’t just take my word for it….





Face Exercises to Reduce Wrinkles - Face Yoga Anybody

I am writing a review of my own personal experience of the 6 Week Bootcamp,  detailing week by week results and exactly what I think of the programme and how successful I’ve found it.  The review will be posted in full when I complete my 6 weeks – watch this space!

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If you have any comments or if you’ve tried it please comment below and let us know how you got on or what you think – we love to hear from you!


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